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Item Code:Elite Sports Features:Used in universities, schools, religious centers, fitness clubs and recreational facilities
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► Shock absorption

Absorbs impacts from jumps and protects the joints and muscles involved, making exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

► Vertical deformation

Excellent power return enables athletes to increase their on-court performance. Superior vertical   

stability eliminates “area” indentation.

► Superior ball bounce

A good sports floor has identical ball bounce in all areas and all across the floor.

► Sliding properties

Optimal slip coefficient offers natural grip avoiding falls and accidents, provides a safe playing surface.


Uni Color


Mint Green 9602   Red 9180   Blue 9401   Orange 9901   Sky Blue 9403
Spring 9559   Beige 9347   Pink 9159   Grey 9303   Gold 9211
Dark Orange 9038   Brown 9764   Purple 9506   Dark Grey 9873   Light Green 9102
Coral 9146   Teal 9431   Black 9830        


Wood Color

Wood Natural 9331   Wood Oak 9375   Wood Grey 9708   Woode Blue 9453   Wood chocolate 9068


Surface & Moisture Barrier