How Do You Know About Rubber Floor?

Rubber floor is made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components of the polymer material floor. Butadiene, benzene, butadiene rubber is a synthetic rubber, is the oil products. Natural rubber refers to artificial rubber tree mining down.
1. Rubber flooring can be made of many special properties and uses: such as high insulation, anti-static, high temperature, oil, acid and so on;
2. Rubber flooring is a comprehensive environmental protection material: it is non-toxic and harmless, no waste and no waste during the production process, no mildew, no bacteria, no harmful gas or substance release, good heat and heat insulation, Good
3. Waterproof and waterproof rubber floor, living room and basement on the ground effect is more obvious;
4. Rubber floor sound absorption, can reduce the noise generated by walking;
5. The rubber flooring is easy to lay. It can be glued on a smooth, hard, clean and dry floor with suitable adhesive. The construction site has no gray sand, dirty soil, no obvious construction noise and no harm to the surrounding environment.
7. Rubber floor replacement is also very convenient, to the old will not damage the original replacement of the ground, if the replacement of other floor materials is also very easy;
8. The most prominent rubber floor is highly elastic, comfortable feet;
9 is slip resistance is good, this is stone, ceramic tiles and other hard floor beyond, walking on the rubber floor feeling is practical, easy;
10 high strength rubber floor wear resistance, especially suitable for more people flow, heavy traffic and heavy load occasions;
11. Rubber flooring can be long-term use indoors and outdoors.