Do You Know How To Weld The PVC Flooring ?

PVC flooring pavement is a systematic project, each process has its actual meaning, we lay the pvc floor, we need to understand the three major seams in order to better the laying of the floor.
The dense seam stitching
(1) most of the sheets, rubber floor (sheet or sheet) practical seal stitching;
(2) Seams that are spliced together do not join together;
(3) When the pvc floor is laid, the two floor edges are stacked 20cm, then cut with a knife to form a dense seam;
(4) The application of sealing seam stitching at 1mm below, the seam is not easy to be noticed, no non-seam will seepage, easy over a long time Alice and dust;
Cold welding
(1) When the pvc floor is laid, apply cold welding liquid or cold solder paste to join the floor joint;
(2) Cold welding so that both sides of the floor seam uniform fusion;
(3) The application of cold-welded seams, are narrower than 1mm, than easily be detected;
Hot-melt welding
(1) When the pvc floor paved, the application of pvc floor material corresponding to the common electrode, adjust the temperature according to the actual material;
(2) Heat welding so that the floor seam uniform fusion;
(3) The application of hot welding seams, cracks in the width of 3 ~ 4mm;
(4) Suitable for laying on the warm system of pvc floor;
(5) The pvc floor membrane, pvc flooring, electrostatic membrane and the leading sheet, can use thermal welding.