Pay More Attention On Installation Details

* The Sports Wood Flooring Assembled Too Loose Or Too Tight
Wood floor expansion, contraction is with the ambient temperature, humidity changes. Therefore, in the development of wood flooring pavement program, should be based on the use of the location of the ambient temperature, the temperature level to rational arrangement of wood flooring assembly tightness. Add too loose, the floor will shrink a larger gap, too tight, the floor will be arch expansion.
* Sports Wood Flooring Decoration Works Cross Construction
Construction of the first paved wood flooring, and then in the floor surface to engage in other construction projects, which is the usual practice of the decoration team. In this way, after the floor pavement, often need to go through a month or even longer polished to paint. During this period, the floor and the surrounding environment of water vapor, chemicals, no isolation measures, it is likely to cause the wood floor due to sharp changes in moisture content and deformation, cracking.
* The Sports Wood Flooring Wood Keel To Do Moisture Treatment
Now the construction is usually made of pine wood made of non-dry keel, 30 days in advance fixed to the ground, between the ground and the keel is not laying moisture layer. To the pavement floor, do not check the keel moisture content directly laying. In fact, when the keel moisture content is usually about 25%, and qualified wood floor moisture content is generally about 12%, the humidity difference over the General Assembly to make the wood floor fast moisture absorption, causing the floor arch and accompanied by paint crack phenomenon.
* Sports Wood Flooring Wood Keel Fixed With Nails
Construction with a fixed way to kill the nails, will cause the nail and nail contact surface is too small to make the nail force is not enough, easily lead to loose wooden keel, stampede the floor will be a sound.