Fitness Trends In 2018

Fitness has now become a national movement, not fitness, are embarrassed to chat with people. It's too low if you follow the rules and try hard at the gym! It's time to give yourself a different experience, outdoor sports, low-fat diet and other new trends in health care, are quietly popular. Let's take a look at what trends are.

Self Weight Training
The reason for the popularity of weight training is simple: you don't need fancy equipment, expensive membership fees, and how much space, you can exercise according to personal circumstances anytime and anywhere.
Self weight training helps to increase muscle mass, especially aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Although many people think that only push ups and sit ups are self weight training, there are many ways of self weight training.

High-intensity intermittent training (referred to as HIIT)
Most of us don't have enough time, and HIIT doesn't take you a long time to exercise, and you can achieve fitness and weight loss as much as possible. That means you're going to burn more calories more efficiently in 20 to 30 minutes.
Currently, this training is very common in Pilates, CrossFit and fitness camps. So it's not surprising that HIIT is one of the major trends next year.

Strength Training
Strength training is remarkable, especially women, they were afraid of muscle growth and not for strength training, fitness with the popularization of basic education, people began to realize the importance of strength training. It helps us keep healthy, increase muscle mass, increase metabolism, burn more calories, etc..

Yoga has three consecutive years in the top ten, because the benefits of yoga are numerous, for example, it helps reduce anxiety and stress, improve sleep quality, dredge the blood flow to the body better, help promote digestion and so on.

Private Education
Since ACSM launched its annual report in 2006, private coaches have been on the list. Personal trainers provide one to one training to provide immersive personalized experience for fitness enthusiasts. However, private education trends and fourth "high-quality professional bodybuilders" different, private education trend is more professional college students through the study of kinematics, engaged in private education work into the field of public health.

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