How To Distinguish The Quality Of The Floor?

PVC flooring products can be used to determine the following methods:


smell a smell of the product there is no pungent odor, the body is the revolutionary capital, not environmentally friendly products can not be used, some environmentally friendly products manufacturers or distributors will be small to say (how many have some taste, in other words is actually there Smell, it may be great, not he said a little bit).


pull a floor to see if it is not easy to deformation, or even be pulled off.


with your fingers belly pinch the floor, look at the floor will not be squeezed out of a pit, and a long time to play up, or very hard simply pinch, pinch no flexibility, if the pinched out, Or no flexibility are poor quality of poor quality products, good PVC sports floor should have a good rebound, good sense of rebound will be comfortable, in order to better protect the athletes.


find a hard object, such as the key lighter what on the floor surface to draw a look at the floor surface will not hurt, and the degree of damage. Can be very good to see the floor of the wear resistance.


look at the appearance of the product, with or without color, delicate or rough, take a look at the official test report and test the parameters of the report to see if there is any patent (such as double suction anti- No patent certificate and authenticity), take a look at the project case, take a look at the user's evaluation (good reviews are objective look) and so on.


to be a comprehensive comparison, the saying goes to shop than three do not suffer, not afraid of not know the goods like goods.