Indoor Wooden Basketball Flooring Construction

wooden flooring system consisting of a sports panel and a suspended aerial keel structure. At present in the country, whether it is the flooring industry, or sports, the concept of professional sports wood flooring is also a lack of comprehensive, scientific and correct understanding, and thus directly affect the concept of sports venues on the sports floor of the correct choice and application.
Current indoor basketball court wood floor practice:
1. The original floor treatment: cement mortar treatment, requiring smooth, no obvious defects.
2. Rubber pad: Material for the professional elastic shock source of raw rubber.
3. laying wood keel: material for the use of northeast larch single / double keel, specifications 40 mm × 50 mm, with anti-corrosion treatment, "in the keel" along the center of the center of a single longitudinal laying; application of wood splint connection, Keel, you can lay a small keel, and with the keel vertical, clamping, nail.
4. Laying the floor: the material for the pine or environmentally friendly (pine material) multi-layer water plywood. Specifications: 1220mm × 2440mm × 15mm professional board pine or plywood quality to meet the national standard. Practice: hair floor and keel head, small keel flush; hair floor end of the joint rest on the keel, not vacant, hair plate nail on the keel.
5. laying dust-proof moisture-proof cloth: moisture-proof cloth joints need to use tape overlap overlap.
6. laying solid wood flooring: material for a two high-quality oak, maple. Practice: along the center of the floor on both sides of the laying of other wooden floor, in the laying process adjacent to the floor joints should be staggered between the floor and the floor should have 3-5 mm gap, not too tight to prevent damage to the board and edges and corners.
7. Indoor basketball court wood floor installation process is different from the home floor, the installation requirements and acceptance criteria more stringent.