The Ways to Clean the Flooring in Gym Room

一、The Cleaning and Maintenance Tools and Materials Used:

1. Tools and Appliances

(1) electric disc cleaning machine, equipped with flat brush cleaning disc, nylon silk cleaning pad;

(2) vacuum cleaners and suction machines;

(3) mop;

(4) wax drag;

(5) fine gauze;

(6) stainless steel wire;

(7) coarse brush;

(8) eraser.

2. Material

(1) cleaning solution (weakly alkaline);

(2) special wax water;

(3) fine wood chips or sawdust;

(4) rub the pad or dust pad.

二、Maintenance Methods

Depending on the source of the contaminants and the condition of the ground pollution, the following cleaning and maintenance methods should be used:

1, The first cleaning and maintenance: the first cleaning and maintenance refers to the rubber flooring pavement construction is completed, before delivery to use the first cleaning and maintenance work. The maintenance must be carried out in the case of a complete shutdown closed.

(1)The Use of Tools:

A, electric turntable cleaning machine, cleaning plate (rough, medium, fine nylon plate);

B, suction machine;

C, water bucket, mop, nylon broom and so on;

D, spray wax, wax drag.

(2) The Use of Accessories:

A, cleaning solution (weakly alkaline, colorless and transparent);

B, floor wax (water soluble wax).

(3) Cleaning Method:

A, first of all the scum on the ground floor of the rubber, floating with a mop to remove the clean, manual clean up the surface of the plastic scar;

B, and then proportionally with a good cleaning solution, throwing in the rubber to be cleaned on the ground, with a washing machine for grinding and cleaning; while grinding, while throwing cleaning fluid, until the ground all clean up;

C, with a suction machine to clean the floor of the cleaning fluid on the water stains, and then throwing water for grinding and cleaning, the same suction machine with water suction on the ground.

D, at room temperature, dry dry ground (usually more than 24 hours), and then on the ground with wax wax wax wax, wax to be wiped, wax water to smear evenly, under normal circumstances, coated again to twice wax water. Coated with the second time to wait for the first time to wipe the waxy film and then dry.

E, painted wax after the ground to be closed more than twenty-four hours before the official use.

2, Daily Maintenance

(1) maintenance

A, rubber floor daily cleaning and maintenance is strictly prohibited with wet towel scrub or rinse with water. In particular, waxed rubber flooring is absolutely prohibited to use a dirty wet mop to wipe. You must use a clean dry cloth or cashmere push rake drag the floor of the floating ash and shoes.

B, rubber on the floor under the rubbing shoes or rubber ferry rubber seal with white rubber rubbed wipe. Chewing gum viscose and oily dirt can be scraped with a shovel;

C, the rubber floor is burned by cigarette butts or yellowish black, must be more than 800 mesh fine gauze polished and polished on it to apply one or two wax water.

D, according to the rubber surface pollution, every 3 months or half of its special cleaning and waxing treatment; cleaning wax should be professional cleaning company to bear;

(2) maintenance: rubber floor, although very strong, wear-resistant, resistant to pollution. But there should be more effective maintenance measures can be used for a long time.

A, at the entrance and entrance of the entrance to place or install the rub pad to ensure that the outdoor dust is not brought into the indoor rubber floor;

B, prohibit the use of sharp weapon to scratch the floor surface, carrying tables and chairs and furniture to lift, do not drag on the ground;

C, prohibit the ordinary rubber flooring on the accumulation of strong acid, alkali and strong oxidants, organic solvents, so as not to burn or damage the floor surface.