More advanced herringbone flooring

The way the floor is laid is ever-changing, and today I recommend a classic herringbone spelling for everyone. It breaks the convention and makes some small changes in the traditional paving method, which can make the scenery under your feet more stunning and more advanced.

The herringbone spelling floor is named after the collage, which resembles the shape of "people". The earliest use can be traced back to the Roman Empire. People use this unique interlocking paving method to ensure the stability and durability of the pavement structure.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, the herringbone paving style extended to the wooden floor, and the ground was decorated with a large number of natural veneers spliced into gorgeous and exquisite patterns. This low-key and luxurious paving method was deeply loved by the nobles at that time.

From an aesthetic point of view, the layered paving method of herringbone spelling is more flexible and can bring strong visual impact to people. Warm password herringbone series wooden floor, with a variety of patterns, arranged in random patterns, magnificent and unique, giving people a high-level and refined feeling.