How to choose dance studio flooring

For dancers, the floor material used in the dance room is too hard to ensure the dancer's health and safety, and it is easy to cause the probability of the dancer's leg and foot fracture during the dance movement. The dance plastic floor is made of high-quality pvc resin materials. In the production process, "ergonomics" is used as the design concept to maximize the best support for the dancers during exercise and protect the dancers’ health. Safety.

From the perspective of anti-slip, dancers will wear dance shoes during training or performance. The soles of dance shoes are generally smooth and soft. If the dancer does some large movements on the floor without anti-slip coefficient, It is easy to slip and cause serious consequences such as fractures. The professional dance vinyl floor has the characteristics of light but not slippery, moist but not astringent. While providing the dancers with a comfortable foot feel, it can also protect the dancers from slipping and falling.

For installation, the strict construction process and superb seamless splicing technology can make the dance plastic floor look like a whole, which not only eliminates some unnecessary safety hazards, but also achieves a beautiful effect.